Education Tracks

Leadership Track:
A wide variety of topics are presented within this track with a focus on current issues that law enforcement executives are facing.

Foundation Track:
Police foundations can be a powerful tool to enhance community-police relations. Educational offerings provide information and tips to from starting a foundation to maintaining long-term success.

Host Department (Orlando Police Department) Track:
The hosting police department highlights programs and achievements that have worked within local jurisdictions that can be transferable to other agencies, regardless of size or population served.

International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers (IMPACT) Track:
These workshops facilitate the exchange of ideas and procedures for the effective coordination of education and training within police agencies worldwide.

Leaders of Tomorrow Track:
This new education track is geared to those individuals with long-term career aspirations in law enforcement. Workshops will provide information that will help build a solid foundation to be a successful law enforcement leader.

Learning Lab:
A hands-on, interactive training experience is provided in workshops within this track. Workshops, scheduled for two hours, are designed to actively engage the audience and promote conceptual understanding of programs through online demonstrations and simulations.

Legal Officers Section Track:
Police executives and legal advisors are updated on current legal practices, trends, and issues within the law enforcement field.

Police Physicians Section Track:
These educational sessions promote the exchange of information among police medical practitioners, highlight effective police medical practices, and provide professional expertise. Physicians attending sessions within this track are eligible for continuing education credit.

Police Psychological Services Section Track:
Psychology-related issues such as assessment, counseling, and operational assistance are covered in workshops within this track and pertain to both mental health and law enforcement professionals. Psychologists attending sessions within this track are eligible for continuing education credit.

Public Information Officers Section Track:
Workshops focus on the role and ability of public information officers to plan and implement effective public information programs including, public relations, social media, and community-police communications.

Quick Hits:
These 20-minute sessions provide quick, concise information on any relevant topic within the law enforcement industry.

Smaller Agency Track:
Educational sessions focus on practical solutions to the unique challenges facing the smaller-agency executive. They highlight innovation and best practices, and promote suggested resources.

Technology and Information Sharing Track:
Technology is ever evolving. These workshops highlight new innovations; planning, implementing and managing technology; and the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Additional Learning Opportunities You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Companion Track:
Families of law enforcement personnel provide an important support system. Workshops cover such topics as stress management, officer safety and wellness, social media tips and more. While the target audience is companions of law enforcement, key take-aways are offered that can benefit all agency personnel.