Learning Lab


Learning Labs are designed to provide participants with a solid hands-on training experience through online demonstrations or simulations. Persons conducting Learning Labs must be able to interactively engage the learners to promote conceptual understanding and hands-on functions to yield immediate feedback through discussion and activities. Attendees at the Learning Labs should have fun, engaging in highly effective eLearning modules that have a focus on results.

Learning Lab Design:
• Hands-on training via computers
• Length of session is 2 hours

IACP Provides:
• Private room for instruction
• Ten work stations with twenty chairs
• Ten computers with monitors
• Internet connection for each computer
• Podium with microphone
• Screen
• Projector
• Laptop for instructor with internet access

What IACP is seeking:
• Focus on Results: in less than one hour the attendee learns a new skill.
• Visual: the Learning Lab uses a visual mental model; the attendee sees and demonstrates ability to do the task.
• Fun with a Purpose: the Learning Lab provides the opportunity to integrate fun into each module ensuring that learners stay engaged throughout the learning process.
• Consistent Learning: the Learning Lab must be presented by trainers who are experts in the subject ensuring nationwide consistency in execution of the techniques.
• Modular Design: the Learning Lab learning tools must be created in a modular design, enabling the learners to build upon the knowledge base after mastering the previous lesson.

Review Criteria:
• Does the presentation offer a hands-on experience?
• Does the presentation address a contemporary law enforcement issue?
• Does it address an issue of concern to operational officers?
• Is the topic unique and information not available through other sources?