2017 Education Program

The 2017 Education Program is available on the IACP 2017 Annual Conference mobile app. You may also view and print a PDF of the Education Sessions for POST certification.

Online version or PDF version

The IACP’s goal is to offer relevant, current education and training to help attendees do their jobs more effectively and make their agencies more successful. The IACP seeks the very best, most relevant, and most thought‐provoking ideas in order to deliver content pertinent to the law enforcement profession.

The IACP will offer more ways to search educational sessions to ensure you see and learn what is most important to you at the conference. Attendees will be able to search workshops not only by tracks and by topics and audiences as well.

Make your schedule via the mobile app by selecting the star next to an event to add it to your schedule. IACP will use the stars to improve room capacities for workshops.

The IACP 2018 education program will include topics that address contemporary or emerging issues confronting the law enforcement profession and the leaders of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Past topics have included:

• Community-Police Relations and Public Trust
• At-Risk Populations
• Violent Crime
• Use of Force
• Drugs and Their Impact on the Community
• Mass Casualty and Violent Attacks
• Police Recruitment and Retention
• Officer Safety and Wellness
• Police Culture and Morale