IACP 2013
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Welcome to IACP 2013

Join us in Philadelphia October 19-23, 2013 for the 120th Annual Conference and Exposition.

 Featuring renowned keynote speakers, forums and technical workshops, and the largest exhibit hall of products and services in the law enforcement community, the premier event for law enforcement provides thousands of dedicated professionals from across the country and around the world with an exceptional, concentrated forum for learning, collaborating and experiencing new technology. Join delegates from local, state, county, tribal and federal agencies at the IACP Annual Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 19- 23, 2013, as they address law enforcement’s critical issues, advance their knowledge and careers, and equip their operations for the future.  


Commissioner Charles Ramsey Welcomes IACP to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania







IACP 2013 is the 120th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition.